Seismion at the High-End in Munich 2024

Seismion will again be attending the High-End in Munich from 9th-12th May. We are excited to be co-exhibitors at the darTZeel booth (A 4.2, F213) as well as Extreme Audio and CanEVER Audio (H2, H07/J11). Seismion will present the current Reactio plus vibration isolators under various equipment, as well as some new developments.

Beside that, the Thorens New Reference turntable will again be shown at booth H3, M06/N05/M06N05. It is the result of the cooperation between Thorens and Seismion, and features the Seismion active isolation technology built inside the turntable as a core element.

Last year was the world-premier of two prototypes, while this year features the final product.