Active vibration isolators

Outstanding vibration isolation and fast settling times for high-precision systems

All operators of highly sensitive systems for measurements, production or laboratory, know about the necessity of vibration isolation. Vibrational excitation from the environment can be found everywhere. Even without consciously noticing them, they still have a negative impact on the accuracy, precision and productivity of your equipment and devices. Many systems have specific requirements regarding the maximum permissible vibration load. These are described by the so-called Vibration Criteria curves (VC curves). If the place of installation does not meet these requirements, proper operation cannot be guaranteed. On the other hand, many production machines and test devices, for example in the semiconductor industry, have moving XY-tables. In order to be able to drive high cycle rates, these tables must be operated with high acceleration, and the system must come to a stop as quick as possible. Seismion active isolators have a high level of active stabilization and at the same time large actuator forces, which significantly reduce settling time and thus allows higher cycle rates to be used.

Advantages of Seismion active vibration isolators compared to air spring isolators

The following diagrams show the isolation performance and transient response of active Seismion isolators compared to conventional air spring systems. The isolation is clearly superior to air springs, especially in the low-frequency range up to 10 Hz. Remaining vibrations on the isolated port are reduced by a factor of 7, sometimes even by a factor of 37 more than air spring isolators can achieve! The low frequency range is especially important, since foot-fall sound and building vibrations occur at these frequencies.

The transient response or settling time is also significantly improved. While air spring systems vibrate for several seconds, the Seismion active isolators bring the system to rest within fractions of a second.

Solutions for different applications

Seismion offers suitable active isolators for a wide range of different applications. Starting from our compact platform Reactio plus, which is a single device that can be placed on a table and covers payload ranges up to 100 kg (150 kg in high-payload version), up to the Atlas, which is a modular system consisting of compact feet units that carry up to one ton per unit.

All the isolators offer active control forces in all 6 degrees of freedom.


Seismion Atlas is a modular active isolation system. It can be arranged in various set starting from 3 units, depending on the weight and isolation requirements of the application.

  • Load on each unit: 100-1.000 kg
  • Can be arranged in any number, to meet all payload ranges
  • Special „dynamic“ version available for systems that need a fast settling time (i.e. moving XY-stages)
  • Size (each): 240x240x110 mm

Reactio beams

Seismion Reactio beams is an isolation system that consists of two beams. The two beams can be arranged in different distances to meet the required sizes:

  • Load capacity (for two-element system): 0-350 kg and 0-700 kg
  • Can be combined with various breadboards with or without mounting holes (M6/25)
  • Size (each): 636x120x110 mm

Reactio plus

Seismion Reactio plus is our portable active isolation device. It is an improved version of the original Reactio and can conveniently be placed on tables for all equipment weighting less than 100 kg (150 kg in the high-payload version). It offers highest isolation performance even below 1 Hz.