Launch of new „Reactio Plus“

Seismion is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our latest vibration isolator Reactio Plus! It features an exceptional isolation performance starting at the sub-Hertz range, in the well-known housing of the Reactio. More details can be found here:

Announcement of new Reactio Plus vibration isolator

Seismion Reactio

Audiophiles strive for the perfect rendition of music recordings. As vibrations are sound, and sound is vibrations, all disturbing influences in the whole chain need to be eliminated. Seismion Reactio brings you closer to that goal than ever before.

Seismion Reactio is a high-performance vibration isolator (the advantage of active isolation). Originally developed to meet the highest standards for applications like semiconductor inspection, nanotechnology and industrial metrology, it is now also available for the high-end audio field.
Being an active system, it features extremely sensitive piezoelectric sensors, which detect even the smallest vibrations. An all-analog electronic control circuit generates the required compensation forces with as little distortions as possible.
Inspired by Newton´s third law of motion, Seismion Reactio produces exactly the required counter forces to stop any vibration, coming from the base or being generated in the unit itself (more about the difference between isolation and stabilization),

The result is simply pure music like one has hardly experienced before.

Seismion Reactio comes in a simple but yet high-quality black powder-coated finish design, so it blends smoothly with your equipment, but always proves its high claims by its accurate and flawless appearance. We have taken away all unnecessary stuff and only keep one On/Off button and an indication LED.

Seismion Reactio isolator are available in 500×400 mm and 600×500 mm sizes, with a height of only 85mm. The payload capacity is about 80 kg for both sizes. High-payload versions with 160 kg are also available.

The Reactio’s are working perfectly and the sound is further enhanced. Very nice sound indeed.

Seismion is notably better than the other brands of isolators. The sound is cleaner, image is sharper and music flows more naturally. It has never been this good.

I see a great potential of Seismion isolators in audio market.

Dr. T. Li, Hong Kong

Optional HPL top-plate

Our distribution partners

Seismion is delighted to announce our distribution partners. All other regions are served directly by Seismion.

Hong Kong and mainland China:
Hiendy Group Limited
Address: Flat A, 10/F, Shun Cheong Ind. Bldg, 26 Wing Hong St, Lai Chi Kok, KLN, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 6508 8000

North America:
Sonic Artistry, Toronto/Aurora
By Appointment Only

Phone: (416) 254-3887

Phone: (416) 320-9803

Alpha Audio JSC
Address: No 3, Street no 4, Nguyen U Di, Thao Dien Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City 700000
Phone: +84898526576

Tech Union Incorporation
Address: 1F., No.30/32, Lane 417, Xingshan Rd., Neihu Dist,Taipei City 114, Taiwan R.O.C.
Phone: 02-2791-5009

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