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Why VC curves are probably the most important criteria to compare the performance of vibration isolators

Typically, different vibration isolators are compared using the transmissibility curve and resonance frequency as measures. Both these specifications are extremeny important for any isolator, since they basically define how much vibration reduction the isolator is capable of, depending on the frequency of disturbance. As most vibration isolators can be modelled in a first approximation as […]

How Seismion optimizes the performance of Reactio vibration isolator using multiphysics models and transmissibility curves

The transmissibility is probably the most important property of vibration isolators. Basically the transmissibility can be regarded as the amount of vibration that gets through the isolator divided by the vibration that is present on the base where the isolator is placed. Based on the mechanical properties like the stiffness, damping and the mass upon […]

The difference between vibration isolation and vibration stabilization

There is often some misunderstanding between vibration isolation and vibration stabilization, which one is more important for your application, and wether the vibration isolator product can fulfill this requirement. This article explains the technical background and explains the advantages of Seismion Reactio as vibration stabilizators. Vibration isolation in this contect typically refers to ground isolation […]