Seismion at the High-End in Munich 2024 – summary

Seismion was again attending the High-End from 9th-12th May. Compared to last year, we arrived with a total of 15 vibration isolators plus two of our new audio racks and the experimental loudspeaker-isolators to Munich. They were used in the rooms of darTZeel, Absolare and Sigma Acoustics. Beside that, the New Reference turntable, the result of our cooperation with Thorens, was again presented.

Following are a few impressions from Munich.

The massive MAAT vector loudspeaker were placed on our industrial isolators Atlas. Each of these powerful units can carry up to 1 ton, and have very high control forces, so that the speakers were efficiently stabilized. They had an incredible effect on the reproduction of the bass, which was extremely sharp. They also prevented the transmission of vibrations into the ground, so that no parasitic resonances were excited. Seismion will bring out a new product for the audio market in the new future.

In the background a total of four of our new Reactio 2 vibration isolators can be seen. This new product will be announced shortly, so stay tuned!

The darTZeel room featured our new audio racks. Again, the new Reactio 2 was presented with great success, and all four darTZeel NHB 468 power amplifiers were placed on our Reactio plus isolators.

A detail shot of the rack and the new Reactio 2:

Finally, Absolare also featured our vibration isolators in their room:

Overall, the Munich High-End was a great event, and it was our pleasure to meet some of you personally!

Seismion at the High-End in Munich 2024

Seismion will again be attending the High-End in Munich from 9th-12th May. We are excited to be co-exhibitors at the darTZeel booth (A 4.2, F213) as well as Extreme Audio and CanEVER Audio (H2, H07/J11). Seismion will present the current Reactio plus vibration isolators under various equipment, as well as some new developments.

Beside that, the Thorens New Reference turntable will again be shown at booth H3, M06/N05/M06N05. It is the result of the cooperation between Thorens and Seismion, and features the Seismion active isolation technology built inside the turntable as a core element.

Last year was the world-premier of two prototypes, while this year features the final product.

Seismion at the HIGH END Munich 2023

From may 18 to 21, Seismion GmbH will attend at the HIGH END Munich, Beside our Seismion Reactio vibration isolator, we are excited to present a ground-breaking new product in cooperation with another partner. More news will follow soon, stay tuned!