Seismion Reactio receives DIAMOND AWARD by AudioKeyReviews

Seismion is thrilled to see our Reactio vibration isolator is awarded with the prestigious Diamond Award from AudioKeyReviews!
For the review, the Reactio was tested with their reference system, Reactio placed beneath Lyric Audio Ti 100 Mk II tube amplifiers. The reviewer immediately noticed that the bass was then easily the tightest, most effortless, and deepest that they had heard to date on their reference system. The overall transparency and resolution was greatly increased as well.

These effects were made possible, since the Seismion Reactio had replaced the already quiet and low noise floor with an immaculately black-quiet background and a vanishingly low noise floor. A wealth of detail down to the finest micro-details that had been previously hidden beneath a reverberant noise floor was free, with the Reactio doing undeniable magic, especially in the midrange section.

He closes by saying that Seismion Reactio is a real game changer, and its distant cousins – other non-electrified isolation platforms of any and all makes – should be very worried. You can find the full review in the following link on page 108 ff: